And how I used it to boost my writing business

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I have been sending out Letters of Introduction (LOIs), cold pitches, warm emails, whatever you want to call them, for over a year in an effort to grow my freelance writing business. I took this step at the recommendation of pretty much all writing gurus I adore, from Ed Gandia to Lindy Alexander, as a way to find new clients. Like many professional writers, I try to find consistent content marketing gigs to accompany writing for publications where I can see my name in the glittering byline lights. …

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Humanities major here, with a double BA in French and Creative Writing, a working freelance writer since 2015, and I’ve recently grown obsessed with the stock market. Even before the GameStop excitement shook the markets, I was scoping out trends and adding to my watchlist, watching day trading videos and learning about candlestick patterns.

There are a whole lot of reasons not to trade actively. Most day traders lose more money than they make. Throughout the roller coaster of 2020, we saw plenty of people, many recently laid off and desperate to feed their families, lose their stimulus checks to…

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One of the biggest mistakes a small business can make is diving into the social media waters with abandon, signing up for profiles left and right that they’ll later abandon to become arid ghost towns, filled with irrelevant posts featuring pop culture references from 2017 and-worse-obsolete business hours and broken links. Don’t let the tumbleweeds obscure your marketing efforts. Here is where you should be focusing your social media marketing resources.


Does your demographic skew female and sit in the nearing-retirement to golden-years age range? Then putting time into developing your Facebook presence could be a good business investment. But…

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I’ll be honest: I’ve written for content mills in the past. A lot of great writers have. For freelancers, they can be a way to get started on a portfolio or pay the bills in lean times. But finding those quality writers can be less like finding a needle in a haystack, and more like swimming through a sea of stinging jellyfish when what you really wanted was a jelly donut. Ultimately, this model doesn’t make sense for businesses or creatives, and here’s where the breakdown happens.

What are content mills?

Content mills are businesses or sites that contract with writers to produce content…

antique typewriter with the text “to blog…or not to blog”
antique typewriter with the text “to blog…or not to blog”
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Why bother blogging? You have a million things on your plate when you run a business or organization. Why should you spend more of your valuable time on something like blogging for your business? Creating a blog can help position yourself in your industry, attract new customers or donors, and expand the reach of your business. Here are a few of the ways including a blog on your website will help your business grow.

Search engine optimization

As a freelance writer, it’s common for me to see the term SEO tossed into job postings that are seeking entry-level writers to work for pennies…

Julia Smit

Finance and tourism writer based in Montana.

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